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    PDF format has been developed by firm Adobe Systems for documents which represented a drawing. Adobe Acrobat Reader program is used for viewing the documents in PDF-format which can be downloaded for free. The simplest way of PDF-documents creation is their printing from the chosen application on the virtual printer port Adobe Acrobat Distiller. The second way of receiving the PDF document – opening HTML, text files and graphic files in format JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF PCX and PICT in Adobe Acrobat by means of a command “Open as Adobe PDF”. As for the basic functions of PDF-documents editing in Adobe Acrobat it is operations with pages (an insert, removal or moving) and creation the navigation system under the PDF-document. How to rename a pdf file or change pdf properties? Let’s talk in detail how to change pdf file name.

    At forums it is possible to see questions of the following type. «There are many scientific articles in pdf format, it is necessary to rename them automatically according to the certain logic. For example, it is necessary to find the text with the greatest font size and to use it as the file name. What tools do we have for automatic renaming and storage the big bases of documents? ». There is a good tool which carries out package renaming of PDF-documents, being based on content, the metadata and attributes of files. Try to rename pdf files based on content or change pdf metadata. Batch renaming allows to batch rename pdf files in some seconds. Renaming files can be made with the program by means of the special method automating this process. During renaming the groups of files the program is capable to change their attributes.

    Probably, you wait for presentation of this wonderful tool for renaming files. How to rename a pdf file? We bring to your attention the best program which will help to change pdf file name. By means of this tool it is possible to change the metadata, such as the Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator, and Producer. You can free download the good utility and check up its functionality. The program is developed for the operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

    Thus, there are additional utilities for changing the data besides the basic program for creation pdf files. Many web designers or usual users have to know a problem of renaming the various files. If it is necessary to change names of tens or hundreds files, you have to spend a lot of time for manual renaming. Why do you have to waste time for what the program will make for some seconds? Try to rename pdf files based on content automatically! Install the utility and carry out batch rename pdf files.

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