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    How can you change format MP4, MOV in 3G and vice versa? It is necessary universal video converter which can change different formats or containers for their viewing on iPhone. It is enough software for converting video, but there are many questions from users about converting tools. Someone needs to change MP4 iPhone 3G. Other users search MPG iPhone converter or MKV iPhone converter. Many users exist, many questions. To satisfy their needs and to answer all questions we need a lot of time and forces. On the other hand, can we satisfy all these needs? I have seen many sites with the certain software. Usually there is a possibility to leave the response about the program below. So, there were responses with bad appraisal among set of good responses about the software. And vice versa there were one or two good responses among set of bad responses. How can be such thing? Why the certain program does for one man is the best and for other person is bad program?

    Such situations can be, because people are different. Most of all I like such advice when somebody asks to try and draw a conclusion independently. I do not like when other people dictate their opinion. It is useful to express own opinion, but not to dictate it. Therefore it is better to specify people in this or that tool for achievement of desirable result and to ask to try it, and then to make a conclusion about its acquisition. The free software for this purpose is better. As for video converter I can advise to pay attention on video converter which can convert video iPhone 3G or convert DVD iPhone. It will transform video MOV to iPhone video and other formats of video for viewing on iPhone. This software is free and it can be tested.

    Converting of video MP4 iPhone 3G is impossible without the good software. Recommended MPG iPhone converter carries out converting of video files for iPhone and it is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can free download video converter on this site and learn its interface. If you like this utility and there are no questions then start converting.

    Thus, do not be afraid to experiment and try the new software. Change of video formats will allow watching video without limitations and you do not need to think about compatibility of formats. Video converter which can convert video iPhone 3G will think about it. Besides MOV to iPhone video the converter can change the following formats of films: DVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, MPEG, WMV, and AVI. Install the utility on the computer or the laptop and try it.