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    Let’s continue to speak about formats and containers of video files. It will not prevent to know such information for those people who prefer to watch video on the smart phone. In particular, do you know what such AVI is? If you are the attentive person you pay attention there is a lot of video files with music and films on your personal computer in this format. It is the format of files used in Windows for storage of video films, synchronized with a sound. It contains alternating records of digital video and audio. I think that the information is submitted in an accessible kind and you have no questions. Unfortunately, video in this format is not played on the smart phone. It is necessary AVI iPhone converter or iPhone video converter. I hope you are not upset because the additional software is necessary. Learning such information, it is necessary to be happy that there is such tool, as 3GP iPhone converter and 4media iPhone video converter. There were times when there was not the similar tool for video converting.

    And there was converting to iPhone. The information that there is software for video converting begins to extend. It is enough to google: convert video for iPhone and it will appear many sites with offers. In general, you have a possibility to choose the good tool for video converting. If you need the best tool for converting then it is necessary to look and test it in the process of work. Who searches he always finds. It is recommended to take one video file and to try to convert it by the instrumentality of several video converters and to compare results. But it is in that case if you have no recommendations about this or that software from other users.

    We suggest you to take advantage of the best software for video converting – AVI iPhone converter. This 3GP iPhone converter can convert various formats of video: DVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, WMV, and AVI. The utility is developed especially for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you can free download video converter right now! After you have executed installation, you can familiarize with its functions and try to execute video converting.

    Thus, converting to iPhone is such process which is necessary if you have decided to watch video in that format which is not supported by your device. Add the utility for video converting in your collection of useful programs and applications. Install the utility which converts video on the personal computer or the laptop and convert video for iPhone. Video converting will be usual business for you.