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    The DVD-format allows to record films on a disk with high quality of the image, with a multichannel digital or analogue sound. The recordable DVD disk can be used for the various purposes – the data archiving, record a home video on them. One day any person can ask a question: why do I not copy usual DVD-video disk. If you look on the Internet it is possible to see set of the companies which offer copy DVD. Copy DVD was inaccessible to many users of the personal computer recently. Therefore in order to make disk copying it was necessary to address in the specialized company. In those days disk copying was expensive pleasure, therefore not each person could make it. Many companies and the enterprises continue to use services on disk copying of the specialized companies. Now there is new software which is created both for professionals and for first-time users. Depending on yours training level it is possible to choose such software which is the best for your level.

    What does the process of disks copying begin with? Usually this or that user wants to copy CD to record music. It is possible to copy CD by means of Windows Explorer. For beginners this Windows Explorer is the best decision because there is nothing difficult in such tool. Besides it is not necessary to search for the additional software and to install it. For more advanced users copying CD disks can be carried out by the instrumentality of the special software. It is possible to record musical files and text files on CD disks; it is possible to record some programs which occupy the small size too. You can record films and programs which have the big size only on DVD disks. DVD-disks have video and audio format. There are also DVD Recordable disks and DVD Rewritable disks. You have to prefer high quality disks when you buy disks. As a rule, cheap disks have bad quality. When you choose a disk, you should pay attention to the following basic points of DVD:

    – First, quality of the image;

    – Secondly, accompanying sound.

    As for the good software if you are limited in the budget we recommend to try the free utility which is created for copying CD. Free utilities are as good tools as commercial utilities. Programs are developed for operating systems Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Thus, we have considered what copy DVD is and we have talked about the software for this process. It is necessary free download the good utility for disc recorder and Dual Layer DVD burner on the personal computer or the laptop which will execute disk copying qualitatively and will please you with such functions, as creation of disk image and making batch record.