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    Do you read this material to learn the information about how to record movies? If you had to be in such situation when you recorded films on a disk, went to friends for watching a new film in the company and to discuss it. You switched on DVD player and found out that the player could not reproduce it since record was made incorrectly. Is it familiar to you? This situation is familiar to me too. Then it was awkward and I thought that record movies are such trifle. In practice it has appeared that to record video to DVD it is necessary to know the software well. Then friends have advised to begin process of training with Windows Explorer, this tool is so easy that does for all beginners of the personal computer. You can record video to DVD by its instrumentality, it is simply and quickly. At first it was necessary to use this tool and be happy that I can do it. Gradually I wanted to learn more about the special software for video record on disks. There was enough information about the similar software in the Internet, users wrote the responses (it was good that there were forums where it is possible to consult to other people and to express the opinion). Someone praised the certain utility, and someone criticized this utility. How many people exist and have different opinions.

    It is wonderful that some developers give possibility try this or that utility for free. You use the program and understand it is ideal for you or not. If the tool is not pleasant, it is possible to remove it and install another – the best tool. If the program is pleasant, it is possible to use it in future. When you want additional possibilities then it is possible to get the full version of the software. In general, you have to decide what you want: the free utility or the commercial utility. I recommend trying the free utility for burn a CD; it can be the best utility for you.

    So, it is possible to record a film on a disk if you have such video disk recorder which does to your level of training. If you want sophisticated and difficult software there is the probability of failure and you risk damaging a disk. Choose such video disk recorder which has the convenient and simple interface, and begin studying it with user’s guide reading. Only then you can try to record a film on a disk. You have not record film at high speed. It is better to record film and record music on a disk at small speed, quality of record will be better.

    Allow me to recommend you the good software which you can free download right now. The utility is developed for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows and Vista Windows 7. Install it on the PC or the laptop and try to record movies. In addition the program can record video to DVD and it can record other files and gives the chance to create disk image and to use batch record. Try its possibilities in the course of recording.