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    The printed matter always is of great importance for distribution and information transfer. Booklets, leaflets, presentations – all these materials are ordered by each company to have possibility to show to their potential clients. Their task is involving many new clients. The companies and the enterprises aspire to sell as much production or services as possible to get profit. Profit reception is a basis of any commercial activity. Much money is spent on printing advertising materials, then on their transportation. Recently there was an excellent idea – burn a CD or record music with presentation about the company and to give it to client. For certain, you know such situation. There are various thematic exhibitions and you have a possibility to receive a disk with the information about the company near a display. There is a logo of the company and the contact information on disk; it can be ordered it in any printing company. Then you can burn a CD with presentation, it is necessary to have the good software for this purpose. We will talk about it in detail.

    So, to record CD that information which you want, you have to begin with a software choice. The program should be the best, i.e. has those functions which are necessary for a data recording and additional functions (just in case). It will allow to record CD with not only text files, but also graphic. If you think that usual Windows Explorer is good for this purpose it is not absolutely so. It is better to have the professional software which is created for burning to CD. You have to make burning to CD qualitatively to present CD to client. If burning to CD is necessary for home use there are less strong requirements for this procedure.

    Well, your company has ordered firm disks with a logo and when you go on a meeting with the client, you can burn to CD R or burn DVD disk presentation. Where do you get the program for recording disks? It is unessential to leave office for this purpose if there is an Internet. We recommend to download free utility for recording CD disks and to burn to CD R presentation. Look, that the utility has been developed for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Install it on the personal computer or the laptop and start to work. You can create disk image and carry out batch record by the instrumentality of it. The program will do for home use; you can record music or photos by its instrumentality. It has the good user’s guide and the convenient interface.

    Thus, in this article we have considered possibility to burn a CD by company presentation in order to tell about the company to potential clients. This original idea will find the followers. You have learnt where it is possible to get the good software which helps to record CD by any material.