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    Compact discs continue to be popular in spite of the flash drives have appeared. You can exchange compact discs with friends; it is possible to give them to friends and relatives. They are inexpensive and you find them in many shops. They have supplanted diskettes as their capacity is more than capacity of a diskette. Each compact disc can store data of several hundreds diskettes. As you can see, the data storage and their record became easy and fast process. Compact disks are divided into two categories: CD-R (the recordable: it is possible to record information only once) and CD-RW (reusable: it is possible to record data and erase some times).

    It is better to use compact discs in order to record music. They often are used to record music. Presently a lot of people have computers and laptops. There is a following question. Why is it necessary to burn audio CD if we have computers or laptops which give excellent possibility for music listening at home? There is no unique answer to this question. Many music fans take a great interest in music and fill up the musical collections every day. They have the big collection of musical files on the PC or the laptop which takes more and more places on a hard drive. It is necessary burn audio CD in order to release a place on a hard drive. Besides music fans stop to listen to some albums and songs because tastes vary and they like other music. It is unessential to delete these songs. We recommend burning audio CD and leave them till the best times. The second reason is a creation of a backup copy of musical data. The data backup is created to avoid loss of data in case of computer breakage. We all sure that it does not happen with us, nevertheless, the best way to avoid loss of data is to create a copy and burning audio CD. Compact discs are convenient because it is possible to listen to them on DVD player. There are many reasons on which the computer is inaccessible temporarily (younger brothers and sisters have occupied it, it is under repair temporary or you have gone on a summer cottage) then it is possible to listen to music on DVD player. Someone likes to listen to music in the car and it is necessary to burn music on CD or burn DVD disk for listening it on a player in the car. In general, we have listed only some reasons to burn music on CD. Actually you can add this list.

    It is possible to record music by the instrumentality of usual Windows Explorer. But it is better to burn audio CD by means of the good program. We suggest free download it and to try all possibilities. The tool for burn disc does for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows and Vista Windows 7. This is best free software. The utility carries out batch record and gives the chance to create disk image.