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    It is time to talk about how to burn DVD disk. At first sight it can be seemed that it is not difficult. It is necessary to buy DVD disk, to switch on the computer, to choose a film for record and to record. What is about the tool for recording disk? It is impossible burn DVD disk without the software.

    It is possible to make small excursus to history and to learn some details about DVD disks. DVD disk (Digital Video Disc) is a data carrier which has the form of a disk and is similar on compact disk, but has possibility to store more information. The first disks have appeared in Japan in 1996 and in the USA in 1997, they have been invented to replace videocassettes VHS. There are different formats DVD disks: DVD R, DVD RAM, and DVD RW. DVD R is a format of recordable DVD. Data cannot be changed on this disk i.e. you cannot rewrite files or add additional files. This disk is used for record once. DVD RAM is a re-recorded disk; you can delete one data and record others on it. DVD RW – a re-recorded format which provides full compatibility with existing DVD-players. Thanks to this short excursus to history and definition of formats of disks, you know that burn DVD R is possible once. Therefore before you burn DVD R you have to think which files you record. If you like to record films, to watch them and then to remove, it is better to burn DVD RAM. It is possible to record the musical and text files, different programs, games except video. In order to burn DVD RAM use the utility which you have checked up and you are sure of its functionality. Quite possible to burn DVD RW, this format allows rewriting the information. In general, you have to decide to burn DVD RW or DVD R; you choose that format of a disk which is ideal to your requirements.

    Beginners can use Windows Explorer for recording disks. We recommend taking advantage of the special program for record CD/DVD disks for those users which want more functionality and possibilities. Special programs have number of good advantages, for example, creation of disk image or batch record. Creation of disk image is important for those people who record programs on a disk, and then install them on the personal computer or the laptop.

    We offer you the utility which will do both for the beginners and for the advanced users. It has the convenient interface and the clear user’s guide. This useful tool for burn disc is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can free download this program right now and try its best possibilities in the course of work.

    Thus, to burn DVD disk or copy DVD it is simple if you have the best program and you like its operation.  Try to burn DVD R by the instrumentality of this program.