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    You have downloaded a file and saw that it was in a djvu format. What is this format and for what it is used? DjVu is a new technology of the images compression which is developed in 1996 year. DjVu allows editors to scan color pages of books, catalogues, magazines, managements, historical and ancient documents, newspapers in the high resolution. For viewing the images in a new format the user should install small plug-in – addition to the browser. This format gives the chance to see and estimate quickly the scanned material in an open kind, and then it is possible to solve, keep it or not. It allows saving time and money. The scanned material can not be recorded on a disk but to print at once. Traditional methods of compression work with simple photos perfectly, but lose clearness of color transitions on the sated contrast areas. Despite all advantages of the given format, you need to convert from djvu to pdf or transfer djvu to pdf. You have own reasons for this purpose. How converting djvu to pdf is carried out?

    In order to convert djvu into pdf, it is necessary to install the additional utility. Using the good utility, you change formats easily. A widespread format for keeping the electronic documents is PDF format. It has been developed by company Adobe Systems. Representation any printing production in the electronic form was its main purpose. The basic difference is platform independence. Any document of the given format can be opened on the computer which works under control of any operating system, and it will look in the same way as on that personal computer on which it is created. So, you need to choose the good converter to convert djvu file to pdf.

    Choosing the good converter, you have to pay attention to this tool. By means of this tool it is possible to convert from djvu to pdf. You can free download the converter and check up its functionality. You will learn that converting djvu to pdf will not be difficult. The program for convert djvu to pdf is developed for the operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and it is compatible with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader. This good program will be the useful tool for those who are going to convert formats.

    Thus, we can find many books and magazines in DjVu format, and it is convenient to read in this format. However we need the special software installation for reading this format. What to do, if it is necessary not only to read but to work with documents DjVu? For example, you want to edit the text. We advise to convert djvu into pdf. We have discussed the excellent converter to convert djvu file to pdf which can be free downloaded and to check up its functionality.