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    We will tell how to change pdf properties or change pdf file name. Before beginning the conversation about change of properties, it is necessary to tell why we need the similar applications. First of all, PDF format is applied not for documentation creation, but for its distribution. The basic advantage of PDF consists that you can watch documents on any computer without losing formatting. PDF format has been developed by firm Adobe Systems for documents which represented a drawing. Adobe Acrobat Reader program is used for viewing the documents in PDF-format which can be downloaded for free. The simplest way of PDF-documents creation is their printing from the chosen application on the virtual printer port Adobe Acrobat Distiller. For this reason there are no tools of import of documents from other formats in the majority of applications. We come back to our problem – to change title of pdf.

    The document metadata is the properties of document, which are visible if to open its “Properties”. The metadata contains data about the document and its contents, such as the Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator, Producer and data about protection of copyrights. The document metadata can be expanded and changed with use of products of foreign suppliers. We will try to change author pdf or to change pdf document properties. There is a good tool which carries out package renaming of PDF-documents, being based on content, the metadata and attributes of files. All you need – download the good utility and install it on the personal computer.

    Where to find the good software which can help to change author pdf? We bring to your attention the best program which will help to change pdf document properties. By means of this tool it is possible to change the metadata, such as the Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator, and Producer. You can free download the good utility and check up its functionality. The program is developed for the operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

    Thus, usually the pdf format usage consists of viewing the ready documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Sometimes there is a problem not simply to read a file, but to change author pdf or to change pdf document properties. The metadata in PDF-document helps to learn who creates a file, and what information is contained in it. Use of the metadata in PDF format does the document more useful. Carry out change of properties by means of the special utility. Know that there are additional utilities for changing the data besides the basic program for creation pdf files.