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    Edit pdf metadata, change pdf metadata, modify pdf metadata

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    Our observation sight is pdf format. If you use the Internet you can see that many documents are created in this format. Sending the various text and graphic documents to a network in PDF format gets mass character. These files are the different engineering specifications, advertising booklets, books and drawings. PDF format has been developed by firm Adobe Systems for documents which represented a drawing. Adobe Acrobat Reader program is used for viewing the documents in PDF-format which can be downloaded for free. Creation and editing the PDF files is carried out by means of commercial software product Adobe Acrobat. How to edit pdf metadata or change pdf properties? Sooner or later each user has a situation when it is necessary to change pdf metadata.

    PDF documents which are created in Acrobat contain the document metadata in XML format. The document metadata is the properties of document, which are visible if to open its “Properties”. The metadata contains data about the document and its contents, such as the Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator, Producer and data about protection of copyrights. The document metadata contains data which are resulted in tab “Description” of a dialogue window «Properties of the document». The document metadata can be kept in a template “Metadata” which can be reused in Acrobat program. We want to modify pdf metadata. The document metadata can be expanded and changed with use of products of foreign suppliers. We search the good pdf metadata editor.

    We bring to your attention the best program which will help to edit pdf metadata. By means of this tool it is possible to change pdf metadata, such as the Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator and Producer. You can free download the good utility and check up its functionality. The program is developed for the operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you are interested in changing the metadata this utility will be the useful tool.

    Thus, using PDF format has one purpose — creation the documents which are convenient in use, storage and transfer. The most known method of the PDF-documents creation is the initial document creation in the specialized editor, and transformation into PDF. The metadata in PDF-document helps to learn who creates a file, and what information is contained in it. Use of the metadata in PDF format does the document more useful. Modify pdf metadata by means of the special utility. We have offered you the good pdf metadata editor.