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    Screen video capture, screen capture to video, desktop video capture

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    Screen capture from video can be necessary in the several cases. It can be necessary for training. Today it is not obligatory to go somewhere to learn the new. We have an Internet: video lessons, lectures and grant online. Also there is a special program for capture the video and audio. If you play computer games you communicate with other players. Probably, you want to show an interesting game situation or epic fight. Probably, you have passed the difficult level of game and wanted to show it other players. The good utility will make video screenshot and will help to record any game moment for players, without reducing productivity of the computer. Without dependence what you want to record, you cannot do without possibility of a high-quality recording of the monitor.

    To make a screenshot from the screen it is possible pressing Print Screen key. To make video screenshot is more difficult and to record it in a separate video file. We will consider the basic stages of work with the utility. At first we recommend making the plan, which describes what to show on the screen and in what sequence. Further choose area of record and carry out film record (with a sound or without it). The ready material can be broken into logic segments, to keep in separate files for the subsequent making video. In summary you have to do the film export into a suitable format. We have shown the record desktop video or record computer screen. It was the general operating procedure with the utility. When there is no time it is possible to simplify all. Do not abuse dynamics during record – switching the windows, screen forms, scrolling of long lists. If it is impossible, try to carry out them for the minimum time.

    Pay attention to the best program which carries out screen capture from video. Thanks to this tool it is possible to make video screenshot or screen video capture. You can free download the good utility and check up its functionality. The utility records video in the following formats: WMV, MPEG, AVI and it is capable to record audio and to do screenshots. If you need only the screen, this program will help to make a screen picture. The program is developed for the operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

    Thus, you know that it is possible to record video from a desktop – capturing desktop video. What else can we make with the video file? Try to edit, overlay the text, geometrical figures, blackout, and add musical illustration. It can be made with the editor and to keep in the different video formats – WMV, MPEG, and AVI. Install the utility, read the user’s guide and carry out record desktop video. Do you like the result? Is this utility worthy your attention?