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    How to make a film or create own movie on the home computer? Now the home PC is the multipurpose multimedia centre allowing even beginners to create the presentations, musical compositions and video films. In this article we will talk about films. We will consider main principles and ways of video editing. There is a program allowing users to download own video files on the computer, to process them, to cut off and join different fragments, creating an excellent home film. To prevent unnecessary shots, use a preview window. Before starting editing, look at all finished shooting material carefully and choose only the best shots. Make the approximate plan, after all the film is a history with the plot and action. What is necessary to make your own movie or make home video?

    It will be useful to find video lessons which show creating movie visually. It is more interesting for user to perceive the information in video format, instead of through books. The information which is perceived by user through video lessons is more effectively remembered and perceived in comparison with books. Do not forget about musical illustration. Create bright films – dynamical or romantic! The program supports addition of unlimited number of musical files MP3, WAV, WMA. The good and qualitative film has considerable influence on human mentality. Video should give the valuable information which is necessary to the spectator. Try to make home movies to DVD and to show spectators. Will you have a success of spectators?

    How to make a film? You have the digital camera for recording material; the personal computer is available too. It is time to think about installation the program for creation films. Try to free download the best utility for creation films and to install it on the personal computer or the laptop. It is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. By the instrumentality of it you can make your own movie and add special effects, music, titles. Install the utility to make your own movie and to burn it on CD, DVD. Video creation is a creative process, therefore use imagination to receive good result.

    So, to make a film on the home computer it is necessary to have the digital camera, the program for creation films and rich imagination. If you have not enough imagination, then you can look for plots on the Internet or involve the friends. By the way, creating movie together with friends is more fascinating process. Everyone will bring the interesting idea and the masterpiece will turn out. So, to make home movies to DVD with friends is more interesting process.