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program how to open a PDF file

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To open PDF file or print PDF files it is necessary to do the following: download the program for reading PDF files on the hard disk; during downloading close the browser and other programs working at present; click twice the left button on the file loaded by you to install the program; click a program icon to open the program with the same name; now you can carry out reading PDF files. It is possible to use multimedia (video, audio clips), hyperlinks, and the forms which are stored in external databases in pdf file. Various algorithms of a compression (archiving) allow compressing effectively both the text and the drawing.  For reading it is possible to use official free program Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems, and also programs of foreign developers. Traditional way of creation of PDF-documents is the virtual printer, that is the document is prepared in the specialized program — the graphic program or the text editor, and then it is exported to format PDF for distribution in electronic form, transfers to printing house, etc.