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Tell me please, do you know what is such YouTube? I am sure that the answer will be affirmative because each user of the personal computer uses the Internet and various Internet resources. And the person, who uses the Internet, knows all popular sites and services. YouTube has won popularity all over the world. Users in the different countries know what this is. This service gives services of a hosting of video data. Users can add, watch, and make comments about video. There are videos with various subjects. Someone likes this service because it is possible to watch ridiculous video. Someone likes this site because it is possible to find video clips of favorite artists. The creative people, who create video like this site because it is possible to add own works there. They add the video on a general review. You can watch video online. But there are such users which want to download video with YouTube downloader and to keep it on the personal computer or any device. It is possible to have YouTube downloading and to watch it in any moment.