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program for djvu pdf conversion

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Djvu pdf conversion is a subject of our material. DJVU format became one of standards for the information disseminated in the electronic form – magazines, books, operating instructions. The book page in DJVU consists of three various layers, each of which contains the certain information. It is a text layer and two graphic layers – rough and detailed. The minimum volume of the book results thanks to that each layer is processed separately and it is compressed by the algorithm. The majority of books are written by a black font on a white background that is only 2 colors are used. For this reason it is possible to receive huge degree of compression of the initial scanned document. This format gives the chance to see and estimate quickly the scanned material in an open kind, and then it is possible to solve, keep it or not. You have file in this format and you want to convert it in pdf. Djvu to pdf conversion is a process which is carried out by means of the special tool.