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program for delete blank rows Excel

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Let’s discuss actions which are often useful or simply necessary for correct formatting Excel worksheets. Creating the table, we cannot be assured that quantity of rows and the columns defined during its creation will be enough. At any moment it is possible to add or remove columns, rows or separate cells easily. For addition the column or a row in the table, it is enough to mark out all column or a row of worksheet. Then you have to activate the contextual menu, to execute a command «Add cells». You can remove columns or rows simply and quickly. A difference consists in that after activation the contextual menu it is necessary to execute a command “Remove”. How to delete blank rows Excel with the large data file? We have a lot of such rows and to delete manually is a routine and long work. Is there an automatic way of blank rows removal? There is the automatic way of blank rows removal and the good tool is necessary for this purpose to remove blank rows Excel or delete hidden rows in Excel .