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program for changing your voice free download

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We all tried to change a voice in the childhood. We liked to make fun of relatives or absolutely strangers by phone. The small child has an effect and when we become adults. There are people who like to surprise friends at any age. For such people voice changer or voice manipulator has been created. Today we cannot use various children’s dodges for voice manipulation. There are voice changers at our disposal. Voice changer has facilitated a life very much for jokers. For what is it possible to use voice changer? Sometimes the person is dissatisfied with the voice and wishes to change it to leave pleasant impression. Really, if you make a call for the first time it is important that the person will get good impression about you. The voice helps to make the first and most important impression about the person. Sometimes the voice varies, when we speak on the phone. What voices do we like best of all? We like deep voice. For men the high-pitched female voice is associated with hysterical woman.