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We have got used to carry out working processes and do not think of details. We print documents, using the printer. How does your printer work? Last and fastest printers are laser printers. They work by a principle of use of a static electricity. The principle of action of a static electricity consists that it can be transferred on the isolated object. Laser printers use this principle for the drawing ink on a paper. The laser beam creates the image on a drum when it heats up; it changes an electric charge (positive or negative). Then the drum is rolled on a toner. The toner collects the charged particles from a drum and transfers them to a paper after run through the block of heating the toner. The block of heating the toner heats up a paper to connect ink and plastic in a toner for image creation. Here the computer and the printer work together to print the document. How the batch printing pdf is carried out? The batch print pdf files or batch print doc demands the additional utility.