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Find duplicate files

How to find duplicates?

1. Choose program installations: language, animation, etc.
Choose duplicates which you will search for: duplicates of files, copies of certain files, duplicates of letters, etc
Click “Next” to go to the following step.
2. Choose type of files for duplicates. If it is necessary use button “Filter”: set mask selection, set size and attributes selection.
Return to the previous step – button “Back”.
Go to the next step -- button “Next”.
3. “To search for duplicates in iTunes” -- put a tick here if search will be in iTunes.
“To set network drive” -- click here if it is necessary to be connected to a network drive.
Then choose a folder for search. Click button “Next” to start to search for duplicates.
4. Please, wait. If it is necessary to interrupt search take advantage of button “Stop”. If it is
necessary to suspend search, click button “Pause”.
5. Tick off duplicates of files. If it is necessary take advantage of the following buttons:
- To start the chosen file;
- To tick off the chosen file;
- To choose only copies of files;
- To tick off files by the set criteria: date, size, location, type and etc;
- To tick off all files;
- To remove all selected;
- To invert the noted;
- Record results of search in a file.
Button “Next” – is the next step.
6. Mark action which will be made with the chosen files: removal, removal in a Recycle
Bin, moving to a folder or copying. Click button “Next” to start removal (moving) of
7. Please, wait. If it is necessary to interrupt process take advantage of button “Stop”. If it is necessary to suspend process, click button “Pause”.
8. The result of program’s work will be the list of deleted files and total amount of the deleted information. If it is necessary to return to the previous step you can click button “Back”. To close the program, click button “Exit”.

Clean your computer: duplicate delete and remove duplicate iTunes.

Do you know that computer cleaning is such procedure which is necessary for carrying out periodically? The efficiency of this procedure is obvious for many users of the personal computer who use the computer constantly. For long time of using the computer or the laptop unnecessary text, musical or graphic files are collecting. These files take an additional place on a hard drive and reduce efficiency of its use. Therefore it is necessary to clean computer and disk cleanup and delete unnecessary information and to release a place on a hard drive for the necessary information. How can you carry out computer cleaners? There is a special program for computer cleaners. You can free download this program and install on the computer. The program for computer cleaners is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Remember that computer cleaning is the important task and carry out computer cleaners from superfluous files regularly. Having the given program, you can clean computer without problems.


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Do you want to find duplicate files easily? Then you need the good program for duplicates deleting. It will help to find and delete duplicate files quickly on your computer or the laptop. Your personal computer will work faster after deduplication. What is it deduplication? It is very important process because of double or identical files are deleted on a hard disk of your personal computer. The additional place on a hard disk is released as a result of this operation; it depends on quantity of double files. You can find duplicates files and find duplicate mp3 in the various folders which are stored on your computer. It can be folders with documents, music, images or pictures, applications and programs.

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This is the moment when you understand that it is necessary to put things in order in the personal computer or the laptop. Because searching process of the necessary file is not simple as earlier. You have to look over several folders when you search the important document or the report. It starts to irritate because it demands additional time. During searching you suddenly find out that there are identical files. Where are double files coming from? There are many reasons for their appearance. We constantly use the Internet for the various purposes – to find any program or the application, to download a new album of the favourite artist. The Internet is a large database of the different information: scientific, popular, entertaining, supplemental information, reference data and etc. We download the information and we keep it on a hard disk. It is impossible to remember which information we already have and which information is necessary for finding, then we have identical or double files. We exchange music with friends; we copy it in memory of the computer. We have no time to look through the maintenance of each folder and then we see that there are several copies of the same song.

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Duplicate file finding and remove duplicate is better to carry out by the instrumentality of the special program for duplicate files removing. In the process of work identical files are collected on our PC, these are junk files or double files. The accumulation of the unnecessary information takes an additional place on a hard disk. This creates a degradation of work of your computer or the laptop.