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erase Internet activity

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Today we will talk about the Internet activity. Each user of the personal computer is able to use the Internet, including the beginner. The Internet is accessible for studying and each interested person can master bases of using the Internet independently. Using the Internet, you have to know some moments which all users of the Internet have to know irrespective of level of knowledge. During Internet viewing all visited pages are collected in the memory of computer in the form of the hidden files. Your personal information about Internet use is stored on your computer. Do you know what cookies are? According to the encyclopedia: it is a small fragment of data, kept on the computer of the user in the form of a file, which web browser (Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL, Apple Safari and Opera) sends to a web server each time. Do you know that it is necessary to erase cookies? Do you know that it is necessary to clear the Internet activity (Internet erasers) for protection of your confidentiality?