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Converter for Excel

MS Excel is a worksheet which is one of the programs in Microsoft Office package. Occurrence of spreadsheets was one of the important events in the computer systems’ development because it allowed making calculations on personal computers quickly and qualitatively. Today we will talk how to convert Excel into other formats. We will begin with CVS files. It is a text file which contains the information, and fields are divided by special symbols – dividers. Opening such CSV file, Excel gives out an error about impossibility to read data and we see the empty table on the screen. We need special programs for editing this format – Converter Excel to CSV. If you prefer CSV format transform Excel to CSV. What is the best way you know to convert Excel file to CSV file? Certainly, this is software which does it automatically. Now you know how to make a CSV file.


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Let’s try to convert xls to xml. Have you already had converter xls to xml? XML possesses refined mechanisms of the data correctness control, allows to make check of hierarchical relations in the document and establishes the uniform standard for the documents, storing data. We will consider some spheres of language XML application in detail. The basic possibilities allow considering XML as platform independent standard for storage and representation the information which in a combination with other modern technologies is capable to become a basis for creation any applications, including data exchange between a server and the client. XML-documents can serve as containers for an application programming from existing interfaces and components. All routine data processing can be automated, allowing developers to concentrate on non-standard parts of a created product. XML is used for a writing files of options of various parameters or files for an information transfer between objects of the project.