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convert Excel file to dbf

Converter for Excel

MS Excel is a worksheet which is one of the programs in Microsoft Office package. Occurrence of spreadsheets was one of the important events in the computer systems’ development because it allowed making calculations on personal computers quickly and qualitatively. Today we will talk how to convert Excel into other formats. We will begin with CVS files. It is a text file which contains the information, and fields are divided by special symbols – dividers. Opening such CSV file, Excel gives out an error about impossibility to read data and we see the empty table on the screen. We need special programs for editing this format – Converter Excel to CSV. If you prefer CSV format transform Excel to CSV. What is the best way you know to convert Excel file to CSV file? Certainly, this is software which does it automatically. Now you know how to make a CSV file.


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Before to change Excel in DBF, let’s talk about Excel and about dbf format. The basic advantage of Microsoft Excel worksheet is presence the formulas and functions. Any data processing in Excel is carried out by means of this device. You can sum up, multiply, divide numbers, do quadratic formula, and calculate sine and cosine. Besides computing actions with separate numbers, you can process separate lines or table columns and also the whole blocks of cells. Excel has a set of the functions intended for the list analysis. One of the most solved functions is processing lists by means of spreadsheets. Hereupon Microsoft Excel has a rich set of means which allow simplifying data processing considerably. Has Excel means to execute export Excel to dbf?