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The documents created in text editor Word 2007 have a docx format. Such files take fewer places in comparison with a former .doc format. Word processor Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the basic components of Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft Word 2007 is the full-function applied program of editing and processing the text and graphic information, creation documents in electronic form, and in the form of printing copies, and it can be applied in publishing for making-up books of any complexity. Word 2007 environment basis consists in visual means (commands in the form of buttons, fields for the information input or the menu), located on the Ribbon for management of the document contents in the course of its creation and processing. The ribbon consists from tabs which contain such management elements of the user interface as groups and commands. Do you like the new interface and functionality? The fact consists in that you have no new Word and you need to convert from docx to doc, convert docx to doc to read a file. The docx to doc converter is thought up for this purpose.