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Have you heard that morphing voice was carried out by the instrumentality of program software? Is it well or bad? All depends on the purpose. As is known, the purposes are different. The software helps us in different situations. Many people use special programs for processing photos. Nobody will tell that it is bad. There are situations that it is necessary to correct lacks. The same concerns utilities for voice change. If the person wishes to change a voice to change a timbre it is voice morpher or voice manipulator for him. Speech therapists give data that about 30 % people are dissatisfied with the voice and would like to change it. You can change a voice for IP telephony, for example for Skype. Some utilities are capable to change a voice of the artist or any song too. It can sound funny if to use it for competition «Guess the song». More correct destination of such function is correcting the voice which has been recorded by you. It is useful in that case when you record songs by means of usual microphone.