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Batch print doc

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Considering a question about the batch print documents batch print doc, batch print Excel, batch print pdf files, it is possible to find many questions from users of the personal computer. Let’s stop on a following example. We have many documents in a doc format (Word 2003, 2007). These are the same documents – a set of the accounting documentation. What do we need to do? It is necessary to change the name on title page in all documents and to print only title pages. You understand that to open each document, to correct and print is a long and routine process. We have tried to find the decision automating process. We have no problems with the text replacement in group of files without starting Word editor – macros are useful thing. But there was a hitch with the printing in a package mode. All allows printing documents, without opening them in the editor, but elementary possibility of the necessary page choice for the print – is absent! Surfing the Internet, it is possible to see that there is not enough information about the batch print documents. Therefore this material will be useful for those who are going to print files in a batch mode.