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Xlsx to xls converter

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The management of your company does not think to get new office package MS Office 2007.  Then you have received Excel 2007 files in new and not clear format. You can talk to a management and present them possibilities of the new version. Tell that Excel 2007 gives more powerful and convenient tools of conditional formatting. Such formatting is convenient for the data analysis – it is possible to paint a worksheet so, that each color will correspond to certain data. In that case even the passing on document sheet will suffice to know problem places. It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of conditional formatting of one cell containing the text, number or date. The given way allows finding cells with certain value quickly. In Excel 2007 there is a possibility of conditional formatting of the top and bottom values in a range of cells. While the management thinks, Xlsx to xls converter is necessary for you to convert from xlsx to xls or convert Excel 2007 to Excel.

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In Excel 2007 the new format of files is created. Files of new format have received four-letter xlsx extention. All Office documents are more compact now in particular the majority of Excel worksheets in new format take fewer places. Besides, in Excel 2007 there is a new format of files Binary Workbook (*.xlsb), optimized for as much as possible fast downloading and keeping great volumes of data. There is no more restriction in three criteria (color) in conditional formatting in Excel 2007. Now it is possible to set any quantity of conditions for any cells and ranges. Possibilities of conditional formatting have increased manyfold. Now it is the powerful tool of visualization data. If you have no new office package, and you receive Excel file in a new format file converter xlsx to xls is necessary for you. It is the special tool to convert Excel 2007 to Excel or convert from xlsx to xls.

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If you have a look at Excel 2007 for the first time we understand your excitement. Interface of Excel 2007 is constructed by analogy with interface of Word 2007 and cardinally differs from the previous classical versions. Some experts recommend learning Word to work with Excel easier at first. If you do not object, it is a good variant and it is necessary to try. When we have MS Office 2007 version there is a problem to open a file with xlsx extention in previous MS Office versions (2000/XP/2003). MS Excel 2007 creates a new file in an xlsx format by default. If it is necessary to read a file xlsx which is created by means of MS Excel 2007, and you have MS Office 2000, XP or 2003 on computer it is possible to try to convert xlsx to xls. Possibly, you heard about converting earlier. Converting gives the chance to transform a format. We will prompt how to convert xlsx to xls files or convert from xlsx to xls.