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Unprotect Excel sheet

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In what cases is it necessary to set protection on Excel sheets? We can completely or partially forbid the user to change cells contents of any set sheet. If it is supposed, that some users will work with a file and each of them should have access to the area of sheet it is possible to establish protection on sheet with different passwords on different ranges of cells. If it is necessary to be protected from: removals, renaming, moving sheets to the book, the fixed areas changes, undesirable structure changes, possibility to turn off/move/change the sizes of the book’s window in Excel window, sheets protection is necessary. If necessary, Excel gives possibility to cipher all file of the workbook, using a rich set of various enciphering algorithms. We can enter two various passwords – on file opening (only reading) and on change. These functions are useful in certain situations. What to do, if you have the protected sheet? There is unprotecting Excel sheet. Excel sheet protection can be removed.

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Demand for the computer knowledge increases quickly, because it is required almost in each sphere of activity. Today’s Microsoft Office – the developed system of programs. Microsoft Office includes: Word, Excel, Power Point etc. Excel is a subject of our article. We will tell how to protect Excel workbook or unprotect multiple sheets Excel . For separate cells protection it is necessary to take advantage of a command “Service” – “Protection” – «Protect sheet”. After protection setting it is impossible to change the blocked cell. However it is not always necessary to block all cells of sheet. Before to protect sheet, mark out cells which should be left not blocked, and then in the menu “Format” choose the “Cell” command. It is necessary to mean, that Excel does not provide indication of protection mode for separate cells. If it is necessary to distinguish the blocked cells, it is possible to mark out them. In the protected sheet it is possible to move freely on not blocked cells by means of key Tab. How is carried out protecting Excel workbook?

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Have you used Excel sheets protection? Microsoft Excel is the program of large-format tables and data storage which is the important part of business management process in many organizations. Some levels of the protection are provided in Microsoft Excel, allowing operating access to data Microsoft Excel and their change. Excel allows setting protection on separate cells and on the whole sheets and working books. The first kind of protection is the protected cell on the tab Protection of a dialogue window the Format of the cells, the second – a tag to hide formulas on the same tab. To prevent deliberate or casual change, moving or removal the important data, it is possible to establish protection the certain elements of sheet or the book with the password usage or without it. To unprotect Excel sheet or protect sheet Excel, it is necessary to be able to do it.