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SQL query from Excel

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How to use Excel data to sql? Microsoft SQL Server supports connections with other sources of data. For certain you are familiar with Access database. If there is constant connection the server is called as connected server. Direct connection is established for sending one query (the distributed query). One of types of data sources which can be requested through SQL Server in a similar way are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. SQL Server is a full-function application of management the relational database which is intended for support corporative decisions of a data control demanding optimum productivity, availability, scalability and safety. It is possible to use Excel using SQL to keep data from a database directly on your computer in Excel format. The query is carried out, when the user clicks the reference and the current information in a database is transferred to the user of a browser in the form of Excel file. Some queries can be connected in one table compatible with Microsoft Excel.

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Theme of our material is SQL query from Excel and using SQL in Excel. We will explain how to create SQL query to Excel. We think that it is time to understand this process and to make it accessible for all persons interested. SQL is the information and logical language intended for the description, change and extraction data, kept in relational databases. Initially SQL was the basic mode of work with a database for user and it allowed carrying out the following operations: creation the new table in a database; addition new records in the table; change records; removal records; sorting records in one or several tables. Now there is program Access for work with a database. The basic object of storage relational database is the table; therefore all SQL-queries are operations with tables. According to it, queries are divided into: the queries operating with tables (creation and change tables); the queries operating with separate records or sets of records.

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Do you need to execute import data from Excel to SQL? In order to talk about Excel SQL, it is necessary to find out some moments. Structured Query Language is the standard of communications with a database which is supported by ANSI. For some systems “database” belongs to the group of tables, data and the configuration information which are integral and separate part of other, similar designs. In this case, each installation SQL database can consist of several databases. In other systems they are mentioned as the tables. The table is a design of a database which consists of the columns containing rows with data. Usually tables are created to contain the connected information. Within the same database some tables can be created. One of the major operations which are carried out during work with data is sorting the information stored in a database. For this purpose the user should execute the query.