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Splitting Excel file

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Microsoft Office Excel allows simplifying teamwork with spreadsheets and the business information. The worksheet in Excel is a file where data are stored and analyzed. The file of the workbook consists of several worksheets which can contain tables, texts, diagrams or drawings. As well as any table, Excel worksheet consists of lines and the columns and their crossings form cells. The window of a current worksheet can be divided into two or four parts. Each panel shows the same worksheet, but any panels can be used independently for viewing various parts of a worksheet. This possibility is useful during creation formulas to select the cells which are far apart. The grouping or merging sheets is used for performance the general formatting cells of the table, headings input and the same data. Do you need dividing in Excel? Dividing Excel is carried out for various reasons.

Splitting in Excel, splitting Excel file, split Excel spreadsheet, split Excel workbook, program for splitting in Excel

Have you already used last version of the program Excel? You think correctly that the new version gives new possibilities. Program Excel gives the chance to analyze, share and process data. The organization and visualization means of Microsoft Excel Data allow to analyze data and to make more proved decisions. It became even easier to create professionally issued diagrams and spreadsheets for representation results of the analysis. Tables can contain to one million lines and to 16 thousand columns in new program Excel. Now users should not work with several tables any more for the analysis large volumes or to start other applications. You can summarize and reorganize data and find the necessary answers by means of summary tables and summary diagrams which became much easier for creating and using. Office Excel 2007 allows to simplify teamwork with spreadsheets and the business information. How splitting in Excel is carried out? We advise to carry out splitting Excel file, using the special tool.

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We will discuss some popular additional possibilities for Microsoft Excel. Let’s begin discuss how to divide Excel or split worksheet Excel. We will advise the most interesting utility according to the functionality for the wide user. You have a large table with data, and you wish to divide it into some tables. There is a useful splitting mode which can be demanded for receiving separate tables with data in concordance with unique values, for example, concrete manufacturers, production names, etc. You can take the table with data about production from some manufacturers, and try to create separate tables for each manufacturer. How to make it automatically and quickly? How it is better to divide in Excel? Can you look for similar function in the Excel program?