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Screen video capture

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What is the screenshot? The screenshot is a picture of the screen which displays that your monitor shows at the present time. The screenshot shows everything that we can see — all open windows in that order as they are located on the screen. How to record computer screen or record desktop video? The screenshot is required, if you want to send the interesting image to friend or it is necessary to keep the site image on a hard drive etc. We press “PrScr” button which is in the right part of the keyboard. During button pressing there will be a transfer of a picture to the clipboard. Remember that during button pressing everything is transferred to the clipboard that you see on the screen. Your screenshot is ready! Open any graphic editor, open the new document and press a combination of keys Ctrl+V. It was the simplest way of the screenshot creation. You can make a record desktop screen without problems!

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Screen capture from video can be necessary in the several cases. It can be necessary for training. Today it is not obligatory to go somewhere to learn the new. We have an Internet: video lessons, lectures and grant online. Also there is a special program for capture the video and audio. If you play computer games you communicate with other players. Probably, you want to show an interesting game situation or epic fight. Probably, you have passed the difficult level of game and wanted to show it other players. The good utility will make video screenshot and will help to record any game moment for players, without reducing productivity of the computer. Without dependence what you want to record, you cannot do without possibility of a high-quality recording of the monitor.

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Why do we need screen video capture? Screen capture to video becomes by means of the program for record video from the screen. Many gamers use utilities for the video record to record feats of the characters in the virtual world. Who else uses the similar software? Programmers use these tools for the video record of lessons of work in any program. Agree that it is better to see once, than to hear some times. For certain, you noticed that many instructions about the work with software become in the form of video. This possibility is new enough; therefore many developers of utilities for the record video from the monitor screen take a payment for software uses. They can establish a label on each video which disturbs viewing. Actually, it is possible to find many programs which reсord the image from the monitor in a video file.