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Sansa video converter

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Let’s try to understand characteristics of Sansa player. The main menu consists of six items – “Music”, “Video”, “Photo”, “FM-radio”, “Dictaphone” and “Options”. The mode of music playing besides standard division on albums/artists/genres and standard for players lists of playback has such items as «Podcasts» and «Audio books». It is possible to copy all this music and all the rest without any additional software. This is one more advantage before Apple production. It is simply enough to connect a player to the computer by means of a cable and to copy necessary files. Supported formats of music are MP3, WAV and WMA – the most popular and widespread formats. It would be quite good to add AAC, but you can convert files and it is enough. You can convert video formats if you have Sansa converter or SanDisk Sansa converter. Additional utility SanDisk Sansa media converter will help to convert audio and video files.

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SanDisk Company declared release of new media players Sansa and developers considered that these players could make a competition to iPod Nano models popular today. The main distinctive feature of players is their small sizes, but it does not prevent to have the good liquid crystal display for navigation, viewing of photos and so forth, capacious enough drive, slot for connection of the additional flash cards, the built FM-receiver. As you can see, Sansa has all possibilities to become rather popular device among that category of buyers which do not like possibilities of player’s iPod. All these advantages have involved me, and I have made a choice in favor of this player media. The excellent display allows to watch favorite films and to look through photos. Quality of sounding leaves pleasant impressions. The one moment – not all video formats are played. It is necessary Sansa converter or SanDisk Sansa converter. If you have this tool you can convert video to Sansa.

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We continue to speak about video converters for various portable devices. Today we speak about Sansa media converter. Sansa is a trade mark of a series of portable players with flesh-memory from SanDisk company. It is a portable multimedia player which plays video, music, photos and audio books. It has a radio receiver. The series of MP3-players Sansa uses flesh-memory as information storehouse. It is necessary to have operational system Windows XP/Vista/7 for high-grade use of a player. Synchronization of musical files is possible only by program Windows Media Player of version 10 or above. Converting and record of video files is made by means of program Sansa video converter or SanDisk Sansa converter. It is necessary for those formats which are not played by this player.