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Home video editor

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We will talk how to add special effects to video and edit home video. Effects for video are intended to decorate video, to make some fragments more expressive. Try different video effects, it is interesting! It is possible to make effect of old cinema, to change brightness, to add a wind etc. Having added caption and having picked up a beautiful sound background it is possible to consider creation of your home movie finished. Before to carry out adding special effects to video, let’s learn what video effects are. The butterfly (bowtie) – the curvilinear video effect creating illusion of twisting the flat image therefore the figure reminding a tie-butterfly is formed. The wine glass is the curvilinear video effect creating illusion of display the image on a surface of a glass for wine of the round or square form. Explosion – the video effect creating illusion of explosive disintegration of the television image on very small parts which scatter every which way and disappear from the screen.

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Home movie DVD is a theme of our material. Any first-time director has to remember, that unlike the human eye having property to be focused only on something one, video camera fixes everything, including a background. Certainly spectators who will watch video will notice unnecessary details on a background. It is good if the composition is selected successfully and it is in harmony with the basic object of shooting. But if you shoot a solemn event and there will be a refuse bin the spectators will not have the best impressions during viewing. Therefore it is necessary not only to watch a correct position of object but also to choose a successful background. Here it is important both the background maintenance and its color scale, and color saturation. What to do if you had not time to read these recommendations and have shot the first film unsuccessfully? You have noticed extraneous subjects on a background and it distresses you. It is possible to execute home video editing.

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The person cannot imagine the life without qualitative video and a photo in a century of technologies. For example, there is video filming of wedding or other memorable moments. The fine moments in a life are to be imprinted in our memory for ever, but sometimes there is a desire to improve shot: to change something, improve quality or to give certain effect. There is DVD movie editor for this purpose. Video processing is carried out in three simple steps. The first – capturing when you have to transfer a video data from the camera or other source of video to the personal computer. During work with digital cameras the stream is better for leaving in DV format because it gives quality practically lost-free. But it is necessary to release a considerable memory size on a hard drive. The second step is home movie editing. Here we also mention DVD authoring if you wish to record a DVD-disk.