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Excel to image converter

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The advanced users know that Excel files can be converted into other format. Microsoft Excel file can be converted into other format by means of a command «Save as» in Excel. The formats of files accessible in a dialogue window Saving the document depend on type of active sheet (usual worksheet, the diagram or other type of sheet). For the majority of formats of files the active worksheet will be converted only. To convert other worksheets, it is necessary to open and keep them separately. During converting file into other format the part of the formatting, data and other properties can be lost. Files can be opened and kept in the text formats. During worksheet saving in a text format all elements of formatting are lost. Can we convert Excel file to image or convert xls to jpg? We will admit you need to convert xls to bmp. How to convert Excel in a graphic format?

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You need to convert xls to jpg and you search for the converter xls to jpg. This article is about some features of the converter. Having read it, you can learn what features are necessary to define the qualitative converter. First feature is universality. Why do we think of universality? We think you do not need the converter which does not work with your software for the unknown reason. Universality is an ability of your converter to adapt and support set of various types of programs and functions which will define quantity of converting options. Second sign is speed of converting. Speed of converting will define how quickly will be a file converting. We think it is more pleasant and more convenient, when process occurs quickly. The more speed of the converter, the more files you can convert for a smaller time interval.

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You have a necessity to convert Excel to image. In Excel 2007 to copy a range as picture click in panel Clipboard under tab Paste (Insert), choose point As Picture from the menu (As image) and then variant Copy as Picture (Copy as image). As well as in Excel 2003 it is usually necessary to copy it in raster (Bitmap) format and as on the screen (As shown on screen). There is also simpler way of converting. It is necessary to allocate a range of data, the diagram or any other figure and to press keys Ctrl-C. Excel places data in the clipboard in different formats so different programs can use them. They have both formatted and not formatted text and also own format Excel. Address to the graphic program or use Excel to image converter and press keys Ctrl-V then the program will choose the image from the clipboard in that format which is better for it.