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Editing audio

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Music represents the form of entertainments and electronics has a great importance for it. Today record and music playback is not possible without use of electronic devices. It becomes more difficult to compete with the electronic colleagues for many classical musical instruments, including guitars and violins. It means that electronic components play the important role in music. We will talk how to add audio effects or mix your music. Musical effects are created to improve mixing sound effects. Half of success depends on sound effects. Now you can add audio effects from a large quantity of sound libraries presented in the market. You also can try to create the musical effects if you wish to be the founder of music.

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Mixing music or remove vocal is a fascinating employment, but it is necessary to know some moments for this purpose. The most important thing during mixing is quality of a sound section. The most important problem in the process of mixing music is defining accurately what sound you wish to have. Try to define what sounds are well, and what sounds are bad. Good sounds will require the minimum correction. As for effects in mixing here it is necessary not to overdo. Watch, that your musical composition will not become a set of effects. If you need to keep away any tool from the foreground – use reverberation (hall). Mixing vocals is the important component during music processing too. It is impossible to make qualitative mix without effects usage. There is a possibility of creation automation for regulation many parameters: loudness, panorama, level of effects, on/off effects etc in any professional musical editor. Therefore safely use this powerful tool.

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We will talk how to remove vocal from a song. The problem of voice removal from a song appeared since there was a possibility to lip-synch a song. The natural desire of the person, when he will hear a song which is pleasant very much, is to sing this song. But there is a problem how to save tool accompaniment in a song, and to remove voice? Such questions appear on the Internet, at forums. Extract vocals or edit audio files has some ways. The first way is to try to cut out that range of frequencies in which there is a human voice. There is second way. Usually, any song is recorded in a stereo mode, i.e. it is divided into two channels – right and left, and sounds usually are not the same in these channels, but each tool is carried on a panorama in this or that side. If to dub in music one channel on another in the simple way, everything that will be in the middle of a panorama, is dubbing on itself and it is muffled. After the middle is cut out, it is necessary to add low frequencies.

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If you enter inquiry about creation and editing audio files you will see a considerable quantity of sites which offer utilities. Similar programs are not necessary for each user of the personal computer. Probably, the program for music editing was not necessary for you till today. One of the simplest methods of usage such kind of programs: creation ringtone from a musical file or melodies for an alarm clock. Ringtone in mobile phone is intended to distinguish one phone from another. If you appear in crowd you distinguish that your phone calls easily because ringtone is established on it. Some people can have identical ringtones in mobile phone, but usually people have various tastes and change ringtones constantly. Some people even personalize the ringtone and compose the own. Try to edit audio files to create the ringtone unlike others.

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How to record your voice on your computer? Till certain time we do not know, that it is possible to record a voice on the computer. Then we learn about this possibility, and we wish to learn to do it. In what cases do we need sound recording? We will list some cases when the sound recording can be necessary – during studying language, record audio congratulation or a song. You can try recording voice on computer, if you know how to record songs on the computer. If you have a computer the audio recording studio is not required for you. To make the audio clip, you can begin with recording voice on the computer. Record and listen to the voice then it is possible to find the elementary editing tools. Records can be joined or mixed, and to remove before or after a current position. You can play with effects (an echo, speed, a sound backspacing) but if you are going to edit a file it is desirable that it will be without effects.