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Download FLV video

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You like video clips on YouTube. Really, there are qualitative video files which you can download on smart phone and so on. If you have decided to download FLV from YouTube or download FLV video we will help you. Why is it impossible to download FLV? YouTube uses this format for playing video clips. It becomes that users can not keep this material on their computer and they do not distribute it among friends or on the Internet. Try to convert FLV from YouTube and you can keep it on the computer. The most convenient way of converting video is use of specially created software. During video converter use also there is a video editing possibility: cutting, addition of various special effects etc. You can reduce the video size and remove unnecessary elements.

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You liked video on YouTube and you wanted to download it on the laptop or the computer. How to download FLV video or download FLV from YouTube? Video in the Internet often has FLV format. Many sites, such as YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo! Video and Google Video use this format for playing video clips. It becomes that users can not keep this material on their computer for the purpose of the further distribution. Video distribution from these sites is infringement of copyrights. In this article we will tell to you how to save FLV files, using the special program software. The encoder which has been built in the program supports a considerable quantity of various file formats, including such extensions of files as: AVI, MPG, MP4, ASF, WMV, MOV, VOB, AAC, AC3, and M4A.

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If you use video hosting services and you need to download FLV files or download FLV from YouTube then read further this material. Flash Video (FLV) is file format, the media container used for transfer video through the Internet. It is used by such video hosting services as YouTube, Google Video, VKontakte, RuTube and others. Though the definition of the container format has been opened, codecs are protected by patents and remain proprietary. As FLV is a media container, instead of a format, some players can play video or a sound stream wrong because they have no codecs used during file creation. It is recommended to convert FLV files. Are you acquainted with converting process? If you are acquainted with it, you understand that it is usual process which is carried out by means of the special tool. If you do not know about it then it will be your first experience.