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Copying Excel worksheets

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How to copy sheets in Excel or copy worksheet? Possibilities of Microsoft Excel tabular processor are really unlimited. Not only calculations possibilities, but such possibilities which allow solving data control problems, in particular, their joint use. Sheets can be copied or moved to other location within one working book or to other book. However worksheet copying should be carried out with care. Sheet moving can serve as a cause of error in calculations or the diagrams based on data of this sheet. Besides, if the copied sheet is inserted between sheets to which the three-dimensional reference refers, data on this sheet can be included in calculations. To move or copy sheets to other working book, be convinced that this working book is opened in MS Excel application. It is important, that you make copying Excel sheets, using the reliable and professional program.

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In the course of worksheets processing it is necessary to move and copy sheet Excel, both within the working book and in other book. We will consider how we can make copying and moving worksheets. Except an insert and sheets removal, it can be necessary operation of copying and moving some sheets within one working book or from one working book in another. It is possible to create a new worksheet simply and to copy the necessary data. If you deal with the large object of data it is more convenient to copy a worksheet entirely. So, to copy Excel worksheet we use two ways. We will take advantage of the contextual menu services by the right key of the mouse, we choose a command to Copy, or we can take advantage of a command the Format. How to copy worksheet or copy sheets in Excel, to move it to other file?

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Copying worksheets is an emergent necessity in the course of work with documents. It can be useful to those users who insert the large-format tables created in Excel into the documents from time to time. Unfortunately, copying the table from Excel and its paste in document Word has lacks. The most obvious lacks: the table falls outside the limits pages and its format (a font, an interval) differs from a document format. In Microsoft Office Excel it is possible to copy Excel worksheets or the diagram on other sheet or diagram sheet, in other book or other place on the same sheet. It is possible to copy Excel diagram to other Microsoft Office programs, such as PowerPoint and Word. If necessary it is possible to copy the static image of the diagram to other place of the book or to the document created in other program.