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Converting XLS to XLSX

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Probably you know that the program for work with Excel spreadsheets combines the convenient form of the table with computing possibilities of the calculator. You have the right not only to use the given application for creation financial reports, sheets, but also to apply its built in possibilities to calculation full and intermediate results and having more difficult estimations. The given application offers many ways of setting; therefore it is possible to make such program interface which is most convenient for work for the concrete user. In Microsoft Office 2007 we have the new file format based on XML language.  Thus, names of usual files Excel 2007 have file extention xlsx, instead of xls. It is more favorable to use XLSB format since it allows the same as XLSX, but data is stored in more compact and the compressed form thanks to what the file size is essentially less. You can convert XLS to XLSB or convert xlsx to xlsm or convert XLS to XLSX files.

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The Excel spreadsheets are the important component of work for office worker. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are most often used application of integrated MS Office package for the various problems decision connected with calculations and computations. Excel is the second popular program from Microsoft Office package after Word (a word-processor from Microsoft). Excel has such recognition because the major role is played by systems of numerical data processing in modern business, besides document circulation for which it is used Word. In Excel the wide possibilities of work with numbers are added by tools of diagrams construction and processing spreadsheets. Joining of various possibilities does Excel irreplaceable and natural for any applications using a certain kind of tabular representation and intensive calculations performance on the basis of containing data. If necessary it is possible to convert XLS to XLSX files or convert XLS to XLSB. How to convert Excel to Excel 2007?

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Recently you have studied Excel bases. Basic objects of Excel – the text, numbers, date, time. The majority of spreadsheets begin with the text (table heading, headings of lines and columns). The majority of operations with the working book are similar to what are applied during work with Word documents. To create, open, close and keep the working book the menu File is used. For finishing work with Excel it is necessary to close a program window. It is possible to sum up, multiply, compare data and also to unite values by means of formulas. The formula can contain mathematical operators, values, links to cells and names of functions. Data in Excel can be both numerical and text. To add data, simply enter them into the necessary cell. If data are entered incorrectly or simply it is required to change them, it is possible to edit data in Excel at any time. Now you have other problem – to convert xls to xlsx or convert XLS to XLSB and the xls to xlsx converter is necessary.