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Converting dates in Excel

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Let’s talk about formats which we use in Excel. What formats do you know and use more often? Any entered text or numerical value is displayed in a format “General” by default. The numerical format allows to deduce numerical values in the form of whole number or fractional number, and also to select negative numbers by means of color. Monetary formats are similar to numerical formats except that instead of a divider for groups of categories they allow to operate a symbol derivation of monetary unit. The financial format basically corresponds to monetary formats – it is possible to deduce number with monetary unit or without it with the set quantity of decimal signs. There are also percentage and fractional formats. Exponential formats display numbers in exponential records. The given format is very convenient for using for display and a conclusion very small or very big numbers. At last we will remember a text format, we think, many people use this format. Text and numerical formats are a theme of our conversation. We will talk how to convert Excel number to text or to convert Excel text to number or сhange case in Excel.

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It is necessary to execute sorting data in Excel documents and to change case in Excel or сonvert Excel number to text. Sorting data is the built in part of the data analysis. Sometimes it is required to present data according to some set criterion: in ascending order, decrease or in alphabetical order. Sometimes there is a necessity to make sorting according to the several columns simultaneously. We could be asked to write surnames in alphabetic order in the list, to make the list of products from the maximum value to the minimum value. Sorting data helps to give the convenient form to data quickly and it is better to understand them, to organize and find the necessary information. The majority of sorting is applied to columns, but you can apply sorting to the lines. We need convert to uppercase in Excel or сonvert Excel dates for sorting data.

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Each user who works with Excel knows that it is possible to change a date format. You needed to convert Excel dates too. By default all cells are in a format “General” after document creation. Usually dates are entered into cells manually, and then you select the necessary kind of date representation in a window “the Format of cells”. In some cases date can be formatted and be stored in cells in the form of the text. For example, dates can be entered into cells which have a text format; besides dates can be imported or inserted into cells in a text format from external sources of data. During date or time input in a cell the date and time format by default is applied to them. This format is defined by regional parameters of date and time, set in control panel Windows, and it varies during change these parameters. How converting dates in Excel is carried out?