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If you need to find big files, it means, the hard drive of your computer or the laptop is overflowed. Usually users start to search for the big files or folders to remove unnecessary files which take a lot of place. It means, that you do not control the size of a disk, hoping, that places will be sufficient for everything. It has appeared that it was possible to fill the big hard drive in due course. Then it is necessary to remove unnecessary folders with files or to record these files on DVD disks or other portable data medium. Certainly, many users try to transfer the musical collection or a collection of video films on the personal computer at once. Agree that it is very convenient. It is not necessary to take disks and to search for a good film for viewing. You can open a folder with video and to choose a desirable film. When this collection becomes too big then it is necessary to sort it and to transfer some part on disks again. It is necessary to save a place on a hard drive. Therefore, in order to facilitate searches of files, it is necessary to find big folders and to transfer them on portable data medium.

Software developers have developed the program for monitoring of a hard drive which is capable to find large files. We will be grateful them for it, after all their invention facilitates a life of usual users considerably. The special software shows the folder size, directories size, file types, and file size. Therefore you choose certain criterion, for example, to find large folders, and look at results. Those people who tried such program in practice were happy with result. How do you think it is necessary to try? In a case if the answer is affirmative – you can read further.

How can you find big files? How can you find big folders? It is possible to carry out everything by the instrumentality of one of the best utilities for search of files and folders. This utility is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You free download the program and install easily on the personal computer or the laptop. Read a help for users further, look functionality, estimate the program interface. The most important step is use of the disk usage analysis tool. After that you can give advice other users.

Thus, if you need to find large files, it means, you try to save space of a hard drive and to remove the unnecessary information. Make it more often and then your computer will not be filled by unnecessary data. Store files of the big size on portable data medium. In a case if you have a lot of unnecessary files or applications then use the additional program. The good utility for memory monitoring will help to find large folders and will facilitate your problem.