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For who will be necessary to make disk space report and disk space analyzer? The disk space report can be necessary for the system administrator who watches a condition of working computers of the colleagues. In my practice there was such situation when the employee has complained that her personal computer worked more slowly, then earlier. The system administrator has scanned this computer and has not found out viruses. Then he has thought that it was possible there was no place on a hard drive and consequently the computer worked badly. The system administrator has checked up the personal computer and has made the disk space reporting. What do you think? It has appeared that the most part of disk space has been occupied by photos. The employee was the practicing photographer and all photos stored on the working computer because her home computer has already been filled. The company administration has asked to release the computer from the personal information. The order concerned all other employees too. After that the system administrator controls use of disk space constantly.

Certainly the similar cases occurred in your life too. Not only the system administrator has to make the disk usage reporting. Usual users can make this report on the home computer or the laptop to see as the hard drive is used. For certain your members of household have the folders with data and fill up them with new files. Therefore you have to supervise disk space and to make the graphic of disk usage. If you are not able to do it then we will learn you.

In order to make the disk space report it is necessary to have the special software. Having this one of the best software, you will see all situation of usage of a hard drive. We suggest looking at the given program which shows disk usage. This program for find big files is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has the excellent interface, and you learn to make the disk space reporting easily.

Thus, the disk usage reporting can be made both by the system administrator and by usual users. We have offered the good utility for this purpose, and you can free download it on this site. The utility makes the graphic of disk usage by such criteria: folders size, directories size, file types and file size. Install the utility for determination of usage of the disk size on the personal computer and try to test it.