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It would seem we have bought the new laptop or the computer recently and there was enough place on a hard drive. At once we want to fill up an empty place with the necessary information. We transfer a collection of favorite video films because we have enough places on a hard drive. Then we download new films from the Internet periodically, not looking at the file size. Recently we can see the tendency that films with best quality have the impressive size of a file, but it does not excite us, after all a hard drive is sufficient. Day after day, month after month we add films and video clips and we make a well of interesting things from the computer which helps to diversify leisure. One day you see there is no enough place on a hard drive for record of a new film. It is necessary to have disk space analyzer and analyze disk usage to look what files take a lot of place. Execute disk space management by types of files and file size and you will see all.

You can see a picture of hard drive usage. You will see those fragments of a hard drive which are occupied best of all. We doubt that text files can take a lot of place. Most likely it is video files which you collected and forgot to delete after viewing. It is better to remove a video file at once which you are not going to watch next time. Otherwise it will be lost among other files. People say the truth that the more data on a hard drive the more difficult to keep order there. Therefore the disk space manager will be your reliable assistant in this process. Periodically carry out disk space monitoring and visualize disk usage on a hard drive and everything will be good.

Now we will speak about the program software which is necessary to control hard drive usage. To analyze disk usage use the Disk space analyzer which you see on this site. It belongs to a category of the free software, and you can free download this program. It is one of the best programs for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The program perfectly carries out disk space management.

Thus, keep the rule and delete unnecessary files, especially those files which have the large size. Periodically use the disk space manager. This good tool will help to distribute data according the folders size, the directories size, the files type, the files size. Install the utility for the analysis of disk usage on the personal computer or the laptop. Try to carry out disk space monitoring. We are sure that results will satisfy you.