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Have you heard about programs for encryption and opening secured PDF files? They are necessary to protect PDF password. The reasons for access restriction to documents can be different. If you work at office then it is necessary that your employees have not copied data, have not appropriated your invention or reports. At home your relatives can do much harm casually to those documents which matter for you too. Especially, if you have the habit to take documents in order to finish them at home. In general, each user will have reasons – from the banal reasons to very serious reasons. We will respect the right of everyone for personal things and for the information in electronic form. If you have decided to put the password on PDF and make PDF encryption then finish business and do not doubt your decision is right.

So, you enter the password which is known only for you. Now access to the document is available only for you. It is desirable, that this password was simple and you could remember it in any minute. Though there are such cases when the user of the document forgets the password. Then you need to lock PDF files because you can not open a file, to execute copying content or the printing. Usually the software which puts the password on a file, can remove this password too. Choosing the utility for file protection, you have to look that the utility could make locked PDF files or change PDF security. Then in case if you will forget the password, the program will help to get access to documents. It should be one of the best programs, therefore check its functionality and test before to start its use.

If you have decided to protect PDF password then start searching and software testing. We suggest looking at the utility for installation of passwords and removal of passwords. This utility is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It will help to make PDF encryption and will execute batch change properties. It has good RC4 encryption and you can trust it the confidential data. You can free download it on this site.

Thus, we know what a program for encryption is and opening secured PDF files. We have talked about the reasons which promote their acquisition and installation. We know in what cases we need to lock PDF files and how to carry out it. You can make locked PDF files or PDF password remover by the instrumentality of this simple and convenient tool. The program works with acrobat professional, pdf reader, acrobat reader, acrobat writer, acrobat distiller, adobe acrobat, adobe reader.