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If you often work with PDF files and consider that these files are very important for you or for your company then change PDF security or decrypt PDF files. It is not necessary to run the danger of information which you collected and structured. Any worker at the office can copy the information and obtain data. If you work as the main expert and make the reporting, protection is necessary for this reporting too. There is information of a different kind and not all employees can have access to it. Each expert has access only to that information which is specified in its functional duties. This is information which should be known to a certain circle of officials. If you have no such official duties, it means, this information is not necessary for you. As a rule, office computers are without the password and any employee can switch on the computer and see a database. Provide safety of the information that it has not extended among all employees without your permission. You need secured PDF.

PDF security is a subject of our material. We have discussed all principal reasons on which we require protection of documents. If your head has given the reporting and asked, that it is not extended among other colleagues then there is a sense to execute his order and do not admit security leak. Put protection on these files: protection against copying content or the printing. It is possible to put such protection that other users could not open documents. In general, your problem is to secure a PDF. Are you ready to execute it?

Then you need the best software which is capable to change PDF security. We suggest learning the functionality of the program for protection your files against copying and not only. This special utility is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can free download it on this site and install on the personal computer or the laptop. It has good RC4 encryption. You will have secured PDF.

Thus, PDF security is recommended that your files were in full safety. The reliable utility which will cope with this problem is necessary for this purpose. We advise to take advantage of the free program which does batch change properties. The utility works with acrobat professional, pdf reader, acrobat reader, acrobat writer, acrobat distiller, adobe acrobat, adobe reader. Try to secure a PDF and your files will be in safety if they demand confidentiality.