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Protection of important documents or personal documents is an excellent invention. At office or at home several users can work on one personal computer. Notice that users are with different level of knowledge. It is good if they are the advanced users and cannot damage your documents. There are unskilled users which can remove documents through inattentiveness or make any changes by mistake. If you are the owner of this document you will be responsible for corrupt data or the document loss. Therefore it is better not to risk and not to let it take its course. Think about safety of your documents in advance. We offer to encrypt PDF files or locked PDF files . What is it? The system of encryption PDF includes two various passwords – so-called “the password of the user” and “the password of the owner”. By means of the first password the document can be protected from opening, by means of the second password it is possible to impose various restrictions on the document, for example, impossibility of the printing (copying content). And we receive encrypted PDF files.

Used cryptoalgorithms were improved gradually in the process of development format PDF. So now we have modern system of encryption PDF files which uses RC4 encryption. Tools are improved constantly; therefore we can be confident in their right functioning. You can set and edit encrypted PDF files as you want. Having encrypted PDF file you can be quiet when other user sits down to work on your computer or the laptop. In a case if you will forget the password there is the special software which will help to restore it. Therefore it is recommended to have this useful utility at your fingertips.

The given program for encryption and editing is necessary for those users who encrypt PDF files. By the instrumentality of this tool it is possible to execute batch change properties of the document. Do you want to create encrypted PDF files? Then install this utility on the personal computer and start to work. You can free download this program for encryption and restoration of files. The program is developed for operational system Windows: Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

So in order to put or edit encrypted PDF files use the given software. The utility works with acrobat professional, pdf reader, acrobat reader, acrobat writer, acrobat distiller, adobe acrobat, adobe reader. Create encrypted PDF file and be sure that users do not make much harm to the document. Be convinced of it and you will use such program regularly.