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We will not tell about how to use YouTube because practically all users know about it. Even beginners need some minutes to understand what is representing the given site. Especially many schoolboys and students use this service. If schoolboys and students understand how to watch or to add video on a site, adults must know it. We will talk better how to convert DVD YouTube and сonvert YouTube AVI. The matter is that the increasing quantity of users YouTube prefer not only to watch videos online, but also to download video on a mobile phone or any other mobile devices. If you think, that video is possible to download and watch simply then you are mistaken. In order to watch video, it is necessary to convert it in that format which is supported by your mobile device. Do you understand it? Yes, now all users have to know what for, for example, to convert YouTube mpeg and сonvert DVD YouTube. It is not all formats which is necessary to convert video for viewing on such devices as iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP.

We have already talked about the reasonability of converting and we have told what for it is necessary. Now the matter is how to convert YouTube files. You can convert any video clip which you have liked. Let us suppose you like that amusing video about a rabbit and you are interested in having it on the iPhone or iPod. Do not be in a hurry! Before getting video on iPhone or iPod, it needs to be downloaded on the computer or the laptop. Then it has to be converted by the instrumentality of the special software for converting. Only after all these actions you can transfer video on your mobile device. By the way, it is possible to convert YouTube mp3 too.

Probably you think that it is necessary to buy the special software for this. Certainly the special program for downloading, converting and playing video from YouTube will be necessary. But it is unessential to buy it. You can free download such tool on this site. This good utility will help to convert DVD YouTube or to convert YouTube mpeg. Depending on your necessity choose the necessary format and start converting.