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Recovery iPhone is interesting subject and you can find a lot of information about it in the Internet. When do you need recovery iPhone? At first sight we can think the question is simple and there is no sense to answer it. Therefore we only remind why it is necessary to make recovery iPhone. The backup to iPhone is necessary in two cases. The main function of a backup copy is possibility to restore the personal data and settings parameters in iPhone during restoration. It was the first case when the backup to iPhone was necessary for us. Let’s consider the second case. The backup to iPhone is also a good way to transfer the data from one iPhone to another. Did you know this information? It’s cool! If you did not know it after reading of this material you knew about it.

Now we will talk about how to backup iPhone. When you connect iPhone to iTunes and start to carry out synchronization, the backup copy creation is the first process which is carried out during synchronization. The new backup copy is created automatically. If the backup copy is created, then it is updated in the beginning of synchronization process. Do you know what is stored in a backup copy? There are various parameters of options, SMS and MMS messages, notes, voice-message reports (audio files), photos and video files from the camera in the backup copy. There is a point «Restore from a backup copy» in the contextual menu. Reserve copying occurs automatically and occupies some time. If you want to hasten the process of backup creation then it is necessary to remove superfluous video clips and photos from the camera. Thus, we have told about how to backup iPhone.

If you are interested in additional restoration of the data iPhone (albums with songs and video clips, photos which are contained not in the camera) and want to restore iPhone then it is necessary to install the special software for copy iPhone. The special utility can restore iPhone and it is intended for exchanging audio and video files between iPhone and the computer. Its second function is one more useful function, besides restoration of the data. You can exchange audio and video files with friends without problems if install the utility on the personal computer or the laptop. This useful tool is developed for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to know about quality of operation of the given software you can make sure of it. Free download the program for data restoration and test its advantages in the course of work. You lose nothing and can make sure of its functionality.

Thus, recovery iPhone is recommended to be carried out in two cases: restoration of the data and transfer the data on other device. The backup to iPhone player is possible by the instrumentality of good software. Choose the best software and carry out reserve copying.