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IPhone is the convenient smart phone which combines a mobile phone and other necessary devices. There is a musical player iPod for fans of music in iPhone. Manufacturers of this device have included this known and tested player in it. It is very convenient for fans of music – it is not necessary to take two devices. It is possible to listen to favourite songs or to watch video clips when there is a free time or when you are not at home. The device has a large volume of memory thanks to which it is possible to keep many audio files and video files, photos. Almost all musical collection can be located in memory of a player. There is a place for photos and video of clips except musical collections. It is quite clear, why many people get iPhone and they like it very much.

There are such situations when it is necessary to copy musical files or any other files on the computer. In the past copy iPhone was problematic process. Every day the progress is developing and software developers are working on bypassing obstacles. Now you can copy iPhone if you have the good software. Notice that the good software is not obligatory paid and very expensive software. There are free versions of commercial programs, and you can try them in the course of work.

Backup iPhone can be executed also by the instrumentality of the iTunes program. Reserve copying can be used for restoration of the data on iPhone after restoration or updating of the software or for their transfer on other device. If you want to make backup iPhone by the instrumentality of other alternative utility then it is presented on this site. If you have a question about how to copy music from iPhone this program will be useful for you too. The user’s guide is written in detail and clearly, you understand how to copy music from iPhone and recovery iTouch after its reading.

Situations happen different in our life. For example, you have met the friend and have decided to exchange a musical collection and you need to copy music from iPhone. May be your colleagues ask to share a new album of the artist. In general it is necessary copy music from iPhone from time to time, therefore it is recommended to get the best program for copy iPhone and copyi iPod .

We suggest using the given software which is developed specially for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The tool carries out copy iPhone on other device perfectly. Audio files or video files are copied on the computer automatically and quickly. You will be satisfied with copying process. The utility carries out backup iPhone perfectly and you can be convinced of it. Free download this program and install it on the personal computer or the laptop.