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We live in the computer technologies period and deal with computers. When you come into some office you can see that all employees have PC on their working places. You can not imagine life without computer or laptop at home: movies, music, electronic books, Internet. The personal computer is your reliable assistant in everyday life, but you have not forgotten that it is fragile thing. You have to be careful with it, follow the elementary rules of usage because the computer has important information for you.

Every day the users of PC face problem of saving information. Process of data keeping is simple and demands only key pressing. And further keeping of information depends on user and on good condition of computer or laptop. Unfortunately computer equipment is not everlasting and DVD/CD disks, USB flash drives and memory sticks are also not everlasting. You can drop USB flash drive or memory stick. Your PC can break down or the power supply failure happens and you have no time for data saving. Then the virus can get into the computer, and data will be damaged. You can lose any data on any data medium: hard drive, USB flash drive, CD/DVD disk and so on. It is perfect if you are a man of foresight and do backup copies. What to do if you have no time to make a backup copy of files?

It is not necessary to panic and think that everything has disappeared completely. Do not throw away data medium. Data recovery is a process which we recommend in these situations. You can do file recovery and flash data recovery with help of special program for restore files.

At first we recommend to study information about file recover process. It is a complex of works for recovery lost information. There are the following types of data recovery:

- hard drive data recovery;

- USB flash drive recovery;

- memory stick data recovery.

Hard drive data recovery is a responsible process. You have to remember some precautionary measures before you start to do hard disk data recovery. It is impossible to record something on hard disk before files recovery. It is impossible to work on PC or laptop and switch on them. You have to begin process hard drive data recovery as soon as possible. If you will remember these simple rules the process files recovery will be successful. Hard drive date recovery will be done with help of special software for recover data. This utility scans surface of hard drive and finds lost files. This tool does for such operation systems as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. You can free download and install it on your computer or laptop. It is easy in use and it has detailed instruction.

USB flash drive recovery and memory stick recovery is possible by using this software too. We have point of view that flash drive is more reliable, but USB flash drive breaks down too. Therefore data recovery program will be your best assistant for USB data recovery.

Information has a large meaning for us in everyday life. If you lose information it is useful to know what to do in such situation and have good program for restore files. You will follow the instructions and learn work with program. The loss of files will not be the reason for panic.