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Dual Layer DVD burner, write Double Layer, record Double Layer DVD, burn Double Layer discs

DVD discs do for any record of the information perfectly. There are such kinds of DVD disks: the single layer, double layer, double-sided single layer, double-sided double layer. In this article we will talk about double layer disks and what is Dual Layer DVD burner. Dual Layer DVD burner has the own features, but we see them later. The double layer DVD-disk contains more information – 8,5Gb. The production technology of the given disk is more difficult, than single layer DVD it is reflected in the price naturally. Considerable difference DVD from CD is possibility to write Double Layer. Both layers have the reflecting surface, only one of them has a high transparency (40 %). During record the beam changes focusing that allow not to get on both layers simultaneously. Therefore we have differences when we write Double Layer and record single layer DVD disks.

DVD-discs can have video and audio format, video format is intended to record video files (graphic files), and audio format is intended for recording sound contents. We have understood formats and kinds of disk. Now we will talk what is record Double Layer DVD and what software will be the best for this purpose. Earlier record of DVD-disks was expensive process, and not each person could allow it. In order to record Double Layer DVD and burn to DVD R we need certain knowledge in this process. These days there is a lot of software and it is possible to learn to record disks independently, without addressing in the specialized companies now. It is quite real and you can learn to burn Double Layer discs. First, each program has the good user’s guide; secondly, there are specialized forums where experts answer questions of users on the Internet. So, burn Double Layer discs is realizable, if you have a reliable utility for record movies. Windows Explorer cannot give such possibilities which are given by the professional program.

How do we can choose this reliable utility? For certain, before you have found this article, you have looked at some programs for record of double layer discs and for other discs. If you have not installed any of these programs that is means that you do not like something. We suggest beginning acquaintance with the given program which is intended for recording discs. Record of discs is not a problem, Dual Layer DVD burner carries out a task perfectly. Besides, it records CD disks and single layer DVD. Free download this tool which can write Double Layer right now and learn its advantages. The program can create disk image and make batch record. The utility is developed for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is the best free software.